Club History

The Ilkeston Lions Club was chartered on the 22nd. June 1976 with 30 members.

CHARTER    Ilkeston Lions Charter

They had a number of goals from the beginning, the first of which was to provide a Swimming Pool for the Stanton Vale Special Needs School on Stanton Road, Ilkeston. A total of 13,000.00 was raised in 13 months, this being no mean feat.

The members came from a number of different professions.Included in the origonal 30 members was Lion Bill Evans who became the Mayor of Ilkeston, twice. Bill retired from the club in 2010 and died later that year, after 33 years service with the club.

There are two other founder members Lion Jack Glover who retired from the club in 2012. He keeps in touch and will still help us on Carnival day, and Lion Graham Beer who passed to higher service in 2012.

The club has also had the priviledge of having two members that have had the honour of being District Governors. Lion George Leuty who now lives in Australia, and still keeps in regular touch with the present members and Lion Giuseppe (Joe) Prati who is still an active member.


 In 2006 Ilkeston Lions Club twinned with Brescia Vittoria Alata Lions Club, from Brescia in Italy. Each April we travel to Brescia to celebrate their Charter Anniversary, In return they come to Ilkeston to our Charter Dinner Dance in September. 

In 2007 Brescia LIons presented Ilkeston Lions a Winged Angel statuette, the symbol of the town of Brescia. She has affectionately become known as 'Vicky'

VICKY 'VICKY' Brescias' Statuette

Over the years we have helped a lot of local charities and needy families also sending children on holidays by means of fund raisingwith various events - the main one being the organisation of the annual Ilkeston Carnival in June.

At present we have 11 members and we would always welcome more, so if you have some spare time and you would like to help us serve our/your community why not get in touch with us via our CONTACT US page on this web site.

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